Kelly Thompson got sober September 9, 1984, before dinosaurs went extinct. In 2008, at twenty-four years sober, she wondered, “Couldn’t I drink normally after 24 years clean and sober?” The answer was a big fat NO. Shame is also a big fat NO. So she will tell you she has been sober thirty-two out of thirty four years. Not bad. Her new sobriety date is November 27, 2010.

Kelly lives in Denver, Colorado, in the sunshine of the spirit with her dog, Tinder, and her husband, Wayne. She was a teen mom and has two daughters who have always been her sun, moon, and the stars. Add nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, and you have a constellation.

Kelly’s writing has been published or is forthcoming at The Rumpus, Entropy, Oh Comely, Manifest Station, Harper’s Bazaar, Proximity, and other literary magazines. Her interviews have been featured at Guernica, Electric Literature, and The Rumpus. She is the curator for the highly regarded ‘Voices on Addiction’ column at The Rumpus. You can follow Kelly on Twitter @stareenite or Insta @KellyBlog.