This is the third in our series featuring the incredible folks who work at The Temper and our parent company, Tempest. Many of the people who work here are in recovery themselves, so know first-hand what it’s like for our students and readers. Our “Student Facing Team” works one-on-one with students to guide them through the Tempest sobriety school experience and help them with any questions or roadblocks along the way.

This week, we’re featuring Syd Rhodes, a former student and one of our Teaching Assistants in Tempest Sobriety School. Syd is a mountain-roaming mama who lives near Denver with her kids and husband.  When she’s not helping students in TSS, Syd enjoys all things outdoors and exercise and connecting with the local sober community. Meet, Syd below!

1. Name, Role, Pronouns
Sydney (Syd), Teaching Assistant, she/her/hers

2. How would you describe your role at Tempest?

A friend and facilitator to those in the Sobriety School.

3. What do you think makes Tempest different from other recovery modalities?

We empower people to be front and center of their own recovery. There aren’t tactics based on fear or judgment, just compassion and understanding. We are all unique, there is no ‘one size fits all.’ And with a holistic approach, people can find what really works for them and then build upon it with the support of the most loving community there is.

4. Why did you decide to do Tempest Sobriety School?

I saw there was a webinar via Instagram. Once I heard the guiding principles I knew they were foundational to not only to re-evaluate my relationship with alcohol, but for my growth as a person. I also knew that I needed community so signing up for the school was a win-win!

6. What’s your favorite part of working at Tempest?

SO MANY brilliant humans (community & staff). We are a human-centered organization and I’m grateful every day to be a part of it. I started one of the IRL (in real life) meetups and it’s been amazing. I also get to work with parents who are seeking sobriety. Their love and grit is like nothing else.

7. N/A drink of choice?

Hot tea with homemade coconut milk elixir.
Autumn mix: powdered mushrooms, turmeric, maca, vanilla & cardamom.

8. Favorite Self-Care Sunday activity?

Playing in the mountains! Returning home from a weekend of camping or skiing with my family. Then relaxing and preparing for the week ahead. I sometimes forget the best self-care for me is getting laundry done!

9. What’s your favorite part about not drinking?

Hands down kissing my babies at night. Clear head and dragon free breath. There are a million more but that’s my favorite.

10. What are the top 3 things in your “sobriety toolbox?”

1- Texting with a friend, connection is key.
2- LOUD music can bring me out of my head and into my body.
3- Exercise, love me some endorphins!

11. What’s your favorite Tempest Mantra?

“We break so that we can become.”

Learn more about Tempest and Tempest Sobriety School here and (just FYI!) we’re always hiring!