You’ve already spent at least a couple of months in quarantine, you’ve spring cleaned, baked all of the bread, put together all of the jigsaw puzzles, played all of the board games, and you’re likely running out of things to do. Well, you’re in luck! 

This week, we’ve put together a list of the coolest new podcasts out there to listen to during your time spent social distancing at home. If you liked our list of women-led podcasts, we’re pretty sure you’ll love this one, too. From new podcasts by people in recovery to comedy podcasts, here are some of the best listens to add to your queue.

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

Dr. Brené Brown, an expert on human connection, shame, and vulnerability and fellow person in recovery, hosts this new podcast that features conversations with special guests like Tarana Burke, Glennon Doyle, and Alicia Keys on topics that range from anxiety to grief to loneliness and connection.

Staying In with Emily & Kumail

Emily V. Gordon and Kumail, whose love story was the inspiration for the Oscar-nominated comedy film The Big Sick, started this new podcast as a response to the coronavirus.

One of Hollywood’s most beloved couples, Emily and Kumail, both of whom are homebodies for various reasons, dive deep into how to stay home and sane. They cover topics like entertainment at home, staying calm, and collected in hard times, and they’re always up for adding in a dose of humor. What’s more, all the proceeds from the podcast are donated to charities helping those affected by the coronavirus. 

Teenager Therapy

A group of high school students in Southern California hosts a podcast imploring their peers (and the rest of us) to just feel things. The group says they have “a responsibility to show the world it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel angry, depressed, worthless, ugly and everything in between.” 

Teenager Therapy is all about the struggles that come with being a teenager, but adults will relate to this insightful podcast as well.

Sugar Calling with Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl Strayed, perhaps best known for her memoir Wild and her original Dear Sugar podcast that she hosted with Steve Almond, now has a new weekly podcast. Sugar Calling features long-form, inspirational interviews with writers. 

If you’re looking for a new podcast by a fellow person in recovery, this is a great pick. Strayed strives to bring a little hope into the world, which, thanks to coronavirus, is a bit upended at the moment.

Come Through with Rebecca Carroll

Cultural critic and editor of Special Projects at WNYC, Rebecca Carroll hosts this new podcast, which features conversations about race in America.

This is an election year, and Carroll states that race is “at the center of it all,” from coronavirus to climate change to the media. Race issues can’t be ignored anymore and Carroll is making the conversation happen. In this 15-episode podcast, she interviews writers, thinkers, and influencers and covers topics like white fragility, free speech, and how health disparities affect the black community.

Six Feet Apart with Alex Wagner

If you’re looking for a COVID-19 themed podcast that does a deep dive into stories about real-life people affected by the virus, check out Six Feet Apart with Alex Wagner. During the podcast’s pilot episode, Wagner interviews grocery store workers and other essential workers on the frontlines. Each episode provides insight into how different individuals, groups, and communities have been affected by the pandemic. 

Hear to Slay

Roxane Gay and Dr. Tressie McMillan Cotton host this black feminist podcast that combines comedy with intelligent and compelling reads on pop culture and politics. Hear to Slay features guests like Gabrielle Union, Stacey Abrams, Ava DuVernay, and Marlon James.

Episodes cover all things black and feminist from the rise of black women decision-makers in government to negotiating your worth in the workplace.

Hopefully, these new podcasts will keep you busy while you’re sheltering in place at home. Whether you want to listen to something about COVID-19 or recovery or just relax with a comedy podcast, there’s something for everyone.