Dear readers,

Here at The Temper, one of the topics that we get the most questions about is parenting while sober. Many of our readers (and writers!) are newly sober and managing how to be a first-time sober parent. Some are doing it after years of buying into “parenting with a buzz”; some are navigating parenting and sobriety for the first time and at the same time.

For me, even after four years in recovery, “mommy wine culture” terrifies me — a fact that has become even more clear now that I’m expecting my first child. But when I came on as Managing Editor, I committed to bringing you the conversations that you want to hear. We’ve tackled BIG topics like dating in sobriety in May, LGBTQIA+ stories for Pride in June, minority mental health in July, and CBD/cannabis and legalization in August. And now, we’re thrilled to bring you our September theme: Parenting While Sober.

All month long, we’re going to be featuring interesting and intriguing conversations from real-life sober parents. Whether it’s talking about the difficulties of parenting, mom’s quiet suffering, or how to deal with wine culture as a sober parent, make sure you come back every week for more stories that are anti-mommy juice and anti-rosé all day.

Happy Reading!

three women smiling with the text overlay, "You don't need to hit rock bottom"

P.S. And to make things a *little* easier, you can also save this URL and come back here all month long for a full list of our parenting while sober series, below.