When I got sober, just a few months before the holidays, I didn’t think all that much had changed when it came to celebrating this time of year with my family and friends. But other than avoiding booze, there was also the awkwardness of people I know no longer being sure of what to get me as a gift since they couldn’t rely on the ease of buying me a bottle of wine (yeah, NO THANKS). Are you looking for a holiday gift for the sober person in your own life but kind of struggling to find the right thing? That’s where our sober holiday gift guide comes in.

The truth is, we sober folks don’t just sit around and do nothing all day long. We still like to have plenty of fun (as you’ll see below) and, most importantly, still have plenty of interests outside of our old drinking habits. Yet it can still be confusing to find the perfect gift so we’ve compiled 10 great holiday gifts for your sober friends, family members, and coworkers. Check it out below!

1. For the sober foodie.

Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If you love food, then you probably love cooking. Just because someone is sober now doesn’t mean that they have given up THAT interest. In fact, they might be even more into it! That’s where this Bamboo Lotus Serving Board comes in. Whether they’re hosting a gathering or simply having a snack-based dinner (hey, don’t judge it until you try it!), your sober foodie friend is sure to enjoy this serving board for many years to come.

2. For the sober traveler.

Image courtesy of Amazon

If your sober buddy loves to travel (and who doesn’t?), they might just love this ingenious Zoppen Travel Passport Wallet. As someone who loves to travel, I am often struggling with what to pack and how to best bring all of my necessary documents. From passport to foreign money to everything in between, this wallet will definitely make all of your sober traveler’s 2020 dreams come true.

3. For the sober exercise fanatic.

Image via ClassPass/Instagram

A ClassPass subscription might just be the perfect gift for those sober folks who adore working out. Your friend might like CrossFit or yoga or dance class or something else entirely, which is why ClassPass is such a good buy. A subscription allows them to try out all kinds of different types of fitness while staying in shape (and, of course, staying sober).

4. For the sober fan of therapy.

Image courtesy of Amazon

There’s no shame in therapy! In fact, some of us sober folks love to brag about our time on the couch. For those, there’s the Unfu*k Yourself 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar. Maybe swearing isn’t your thing, sure, but this calendar is actually filled with genius tips on living the good life… and, as someone who continues to struggle with anxiety, it’s something I’ll be treasuring for sure.

5. For the sober bookworm.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Okay, we’re a BIT biased but Quit Like a Woman is definitely THE book to get for the sober bookworm in your life. Of course, there’s plenty of other women’s recovery memoirs you can check out and buy but this book (which is out on December 31, 2019) is going to change the way we think about alcohol.

6. For your sober coworker.

Image via Amazon

This Sober AF mug is ideal for your coworker who doesn’t drink. The truth is that many of us who get sober tend to rely on coffee to get us through the day… Like, a LOT of coffee. And there’s nothing quite like drinking your favorite cup of Joe in a favorite new mug, like this one. Plus, everyone loves a coworker who supports our caffeine habit, right?

7. For the sober introvert.

Image courtesy of Amazon

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my introvert friends, it’s that there is nothing quite as nice as a calm board game night at home. It gives them the chance to not venture out of their comfort zone while also still connecting with people (because let’s face it, we ALL need that). That’s where Tiny Towns comes in. This game is great because it’s simple yet extremely entertaining, plus it can be played by a small group (just two!) or up to six people, giving those sober introverts the choice of hanging out with just their favorite person (you, DUH!) or a small group. As long as it’s in the quiet of their own home, of course.

8. For the sober mom.

Image courtesy of Sober Mom Tribe

If you’re a sober mom, you might have trouble connecting with other moms who are not sober because of the prevalence of wine mom culture (ugh). But, luckily, there is this Sober as a Mother t-shirt to make that sober mom friend you know feel like they’re a part of a whole other, much more awesome group of moms who don’t drink.

9. For your sober bestie.

Image courtesy of Spiritu

This Limited Edition Holiday Gift Box, created in partnership between BuzzFeed’s Pero Like and Spiritú, is filled with over $150 worth of goodies but costs 1/3 of that. That’s why I love this as a gift for your sober bestie, since it’s filled with all kinds of different goodies including a cute coffee pin, some beauty products, and even a sage bundle that’s pretty darn incredible. Plus, since both companies support Latinx culture, a portion of the proceeds go to Freedom for Immigrants… And that’s just cool.

10. For the sober crafter.

Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

We already know that sober folks love to take on new hobbies, such as knitting. So why not get your crafting friend a Travel Knitting Bag? This great travel bag can actually be used for all kinds of different crafts but it’s especially nifty for those of us who love to indulge in different crafts as a way to keep our hands busy.

Getting a gift for your sober friend, family member, or coworker is easier said than done thanks to our sober gift guide. While there are plenty of goodies on this list, don’t be afraid to use it simply as a jumping-off point for the (sober) loved one in your life. Just be sure to remember that being sober doesn’t mean we want to hang out on the couch all day with our cat (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). There’s plenty of fun to be had with these goodies, though, so you really can’t miss out.