I am the kind of person who has always loved the holiday season. The lights, the decorations, the presents… But most of all, I loved spending time with my friends, family, and even co-workers. But this year looks a little different. Many of us are not able to see our families because they live far away and we’re serious about protecting them (and ourselves and others we come into contact with) from the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet you might still want to do something special for them, like say send them presents?

I know that not everyone loves the holidays or has people to send things to or the money to spend on others. And that’s okay. You shouldn’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do. This time of year doesn’t have to be all about dolling out cash to send things to people and let them know you appreciate them. You can (and should!), of course, just let people know you care about them with a phone call. But if you are *also* hoping to buy a little something for those you love (or have those you love buy a little something for you), then The Temper’s annual holiday gift guide is here to help.

1. For the sober foodie.

The Our Place Always Pan is the perfect holiday gift for foodies

Image courtesy of Our Place

When it comes to cooking, 2020 has made chefs out of all of us… mainly out of necessity. But for sober foodies like myself who already love to test our skills in the kitchen, the Always Pan from Our Place is the perfect gift. It comes in six different colors and, yes, it’s really as versatile as they say. It’s no wonder this pan constantly sells out! Get your culinary-loving sober friend one for the holidays and they’ll be thanking you until the next season. Hopefully, with some of their delicious creations.

2. For the sober homebody.

Homesick candles make the perfect holiday gift for homebodies

Image courtesy of Homesick

Let’s face it: We’ve all become homebodies in 2020 and not all of us have loved it. But you know that you have at least one introvert sober friend (or several?) who, truth be told, didn’t mind the quarantine all that much. And although many of us are itching to get together again in the future, your sober homebody buddy might just love you extra if you get them a Homesick candle this year. Whether you choose one that smells like grandma’s kitchen or like the city they love and can no longer explore, this is a simple and yet very much appreciated gift for anyone on your list.

3. For the sober mom.

Image courtesy of Mingle Mocktails

I have said it once and I will say it a million more times: What moms really need isn’t “mom juice” (aka wine). What we need is support from our spouses, our friends, our community, our government, and our society. But sober moms may also want to be able to celebrate the special times like we used to before, which is where Mingle Mocktails come in. These non-alcoholic beverages come in five different flavors: Blood Orange Elderflower, Cucumber Melon Mojito, Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini, Moscow Mule, and Cranberry Cosmo. Yum!

4. For the sober music lover.

Image courtesy of Apple

If your sober bestie is absolutely obsessed with music, audiobooks, or podcasts, why not get them a pair of Apple AirPod Pros? Yes, it’s a pricey gift so we won’t blame you if you, ahem, instead send this *hint hint* to your richest relative. But trust me when I say that listening to pretty much anything with these noise-canceling wireless headphones brings instant joy. Personally, I’m going to be delving deeper into recovery memoirs in 2021 thanks to these babies.

5. For the sober coffee nerd.

Image courtesy of Verve Coffee Roasters

We all know a sober friend (or 17!) who are obsessed with coffee… Almost as much as we’re all obsessed with sparkling water, amirite? So this year, for the holidays, why not give your coffee-loving sober buddy this Cozy Coffee Gift Bundle from Verve Coffee. They get everything that they need in one: Delicious coffee, a mug to drink it in, and a candle and warm hat for the times that they want to have coffee in, yes, a cozy corner of the house while staring out the window at the snow. I’m already dreaming of how this is going to be the best way to spend an indoor winter.

6. For the sober outdoor adventurer.

Image courtesy of Brooks

Whether you had “go outside more” on your 2020 Goals list or not, you can bet that we all got outside a little more this past year, mostly because it was the only way to stay safe around other people in the midst of a global pandemic. But for the friend that’s taken up hiking this year or has always loved their outdoor adventures, the new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is the perfect running (and walking) shoe. Sure, they’re on the pricier side, but you pay for quality… and when getting outside is still going to be crucial for 2021, these shoes will definitely be worth the investment.

7. For the sober comedy fan.

Image courtesy of Emily McDowell

If you’ve ever looked at all that you have to do during the day, muttered “F*CK IT!”, and went back to bed (or at least wish you had), then the Emily McDowell Fuck This Shit Bundle might just be for you… or your friend that you know has done this more than once. The beauty of this bundle is that it includes everything that a busy sober person needs: a mug for your favorite drink, a bag to remind yourself not to buy into toxic hustle culture, and a sticker to make you giggle. What loved one wouldn’t love this?

8. For the sober self-care fanatic.

Image courtesy of Olive & June

Leaving my house and getting a pedicure every month was my absolute favorite form of self-care ever since I knew what “self-care” meant. But this year, that has not been an option… but thankfully, that hasn’t been a problem for those of us who are new devotees of Olive & June. If your sober bestie who is all about face masks and candles doesn’t yet have their The Complete System manicure and pedicure kit, then get it ASAP. It’s the best way to keep up with your beautiful self without venturing outside the house at a time when we really shouldn’t be doing that.

9. For the sober hobbyist.

Image courtesy of Aerogarden

We all know that sober person who is into hobbies. Like, they will try any hobby at least once. And why not?! I know plenty of people who have gotten into being a plant parent this year or have really taken up cooking, but why not hit two birds with one stone and help your sober loved one embrace gardening? Since we can’t garden outside in the winter (unless you live in, like, Florida), try the Aerogarden Sprout system, which allows you to grow up to 3 herbs. It’s a fun way to up your cooking game, try gardening, be a plant parent, and have a bit of greenery indoors during the cold months.

10. For the sober Instagram influencer.

Image courtesy of Kodak

Okay, so your sober friend who loves posting about their sober adventures on Instagram may not be looking for something like the Kodak Dock Plus Portable Instant Photo Printer, but why not? One of the absolute joys of posting photos online is getting to share them with your family, friends, and followers, but then everyone forgets about that one photo you loved from a month ago. Why not get that friend something that will help them print those memories so that they live outside of the phone for once? Trust me, you won’t regret it.

BONUS: For the sober reader… or just yourself.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Last year, we recommended Holly’s book — founder of Tempest and The Temper — on our gift guide because it was finally coming out. This year, though, we just *have* to recommend it again because the paperback edition will be here on January 12, 2021. YAY! If you haven’t read it yet or if you have a friend or family member who should read it, then this is the year to get it. 

Although the holidays shouldn’t just be about presents, it’s okay to admit that presents are a fun part of the holidays. While we may not be able to get together with our family and friends this year, we can certainly still celebrate and shower them with love — and a present or two. And hey, if YOU are the sober loved one in your group… Why not send them this list as an *ahem* hint-hint? Happy holidays!