Dear readers,

We all know that entering recovery and getting sober comes with its challenges. But it also comes with its happy moments; like how we are able to enjoy all of the little and big things in life without worrying about being hungover. In fact, I dare say that this is what makes travel more fun. A lot more fun.

However, sober travel is not without its own difficulties. Going on a tropical vacation can often mean having to say “no, thanks” a dozen times a day whenever someone tries to offer you a margarita. Heading to Europe could mean going out to dinner and getting weird looks when you don’t order wine or beer. The good news is that traveling abroad while sober is absolutely possible (and safer!) sans booze.  That’s where our latest series comes in!

We know that traveling sober can have some challenges but, for the most part, we also know that it can be one of life’s great pleasures. That’s why all month long we’re bringing you more about how to travel while sober. This month, you’ll read stories about the driest cities in the U.S., how to visit Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day, the benefits of solo travel, and the best nighttime activities if you’re not drinking. And, best of all, we’ll also be introducing you to our sober city guides — starting with our two biggies, New York City and Los Angeles. So stay tuned and bon voyage!

Happy Reading!

P.S. And to make things a *little* easier, you can also save this URL and come back here all month long for a full list of our sober travel series, below.