During my first winter in recovery, I didn’t do so well. To be honest, I had a very brief relapse a couple of times over the holidays and then again when the weather got too cold to go outside. I had forgotten just how important it was to keep up my usual routine to stay sober; making connections, attending therapy, and meeting up with those who supported me. Instead, I isolated myself just as I had in my last months of drinking and had a pretty terrible season until spring came.

This is, unfortunately, not an uncommon story. In fact, we heard from our Instagram followers that wintertime can be triggering for many of you. It’s cold and you just don’t want to go out and do anything… but that can lead to behaviors that threaten your sobriety. When you’re feeling alone, you might turn to your old friends (alcohol and/or drugs) and nobody actually wants that — which is why we’re bringing you this comprehensive list of sober winter fun.

Thanks, again, to our Instagram audience. We asked YOU what your favorite wintertime activities were (especially things that kept you busy and away from booze, things that you could do outside, and also things that helped you connect with your sober friends) and boy did you deliver! Below is the full list of everything you can hope to do in these dreary months. Don’t worry, spring is just around the corner. But in the meantime, try one of these 70 wintertime activities in recovery.

  1. Work on a 1000 piece puzzle at night.
  2. Join a local group of women who hike.
  3. Make a delicious soup!
  4. Start a Do-It-Yourself home project.
  5. Drink a warm cup of tea.
  6. Read! (We suggest some recovery memoirs.)
  7. Organize your house.
  8. Hot yoga.
  9. Window shopping at the mall.
  10. Walk your dogs somewhere pretty.
  11. Have a house concert.
  12. Read, but with a fur baby in your lap.
  13. Simply sit in front of the fire covered in blankets.
  14. Get a heated blanket and snuggle up.
  15. Make some vegan hot chocolate.
  16. Go inner tubing on the mountain.
  17. Hang out with friends at the lodge.
  18. Snuggle in bed all day long.
  19. Eat yummy food (without guilt!).
  20. Swim at an indoor pool.
  21. Try cross0country skiing.
  22. Jump in the hot tub.
  23. Bundle up and walk around.
  24. Walk around a park or lake in your town.
  25. Join a book club.
  26. or Tempest’s Bridge Club.
  27. Go to a coffee shop.
  28. Have a board game night with friends.
  29. Play Nintendo Switch with the kids.
  30. Do some journaling.
  31. Run outside… while wearing layers.
  32. Rock climb!
  33. Go snowshoe hiking.
  34. Settle in for an evening of cross-stitching.
  35. Go to the movies.
  36. Head to an indoor trampoline park.
  37. Knitting.
  38. Try your hand at some re-decorating at home.
  39. Make a Sunday roast.
  40. Check out a local art gallery.
  41. Bake a pie.
  42. Take an Epsom salt bath.
  43. Do an at-home face mask.
  44. Invite friends over for playing cards.
  45. Hit your gym’s sauna and steam room.
  46. Travel to somewhere warmer.
  47. Go to a fancy dinner with your sweetie.
  48. Browse your local book shop.
  49. Listen to an audiobook.
  50. Have a snowboarding weekend.
  51. Try some quick HIIT exercises.
  52. Find a new crochet pattern.
  53. Experiment with new recipes.
  54. Hike to a frozen waterfall.
  55. Learn something new.
  56. Walk outside in a snowstorm!
  57. Painting.
  58. Go to a group fitness class.
  59. Discover a good podcast.
  60. Take a nap. No, really!
  61. Try trail running with microspikes.
  62. Watercolor some summer scenes to remind you of warmer weather.
  63. Do some KonMari-ing at home (aka decluttering).
  64. Meet up with a friend, anywhere, anytime.
  65. Cultivate a winter garden filled with broccoli, cauliflower, kale, chard, beets, spinach, and peas.
  66. Use your Peloton bike.
  67. Have fun with video games.
  68. Make s’mores, duh.
  69. Listen to music.
  70. Take a beach walk in the winter. It’s surprisingly fun!

As you can see, it’s not actually impossible to have fun in the winter when you’re sober. In fact, most of these activities have nothing to do with sobriety or recovery; they’re just winter fun. Still, it’s important to not isolate yourself during the cold winter months so, with these ideas, you can engage in some self-care and have fun with your loved ones, too.