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Getting sober is not easy; we are constantly faced with potential triggers and challenges. But, as the holidays roll around, things can get even trickier. From Halloween to New Year’s, it often feels as if all anyone wants to do is celebrate the season with a cocktail…or four. But since you’re not drinking, the holiday season can instead feel lonely and isolating if all you’re seeing is friends and family toasting with a big mug of eggnog. That’s where we come in.

In The Temper’s The Ultimate Guide to Get Through the Holidays Sober, we’re here to help you during this oh-so-confusing time of year. Whether you’re celebrating your first holiday sober, navigating family relationships, trying to figure out how to face your work holiday party, or wondering what non-alcoholic cocktails you can drink for Hanukkah, we’re here to help you survive the holidays sober.

Below, you’ll find all of our best tips and stories about staying sober for the holidays. Whether you’re looking for advice on what to do if you slip up, incorporating some self-care into your holiday season, or how to create new traditions in recovery (LINK), we’ve got you covered.

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