Dear readers,

Like many of us, I got sober when I was single. And, to be honest, I was terrified of what would happen when I was inevitably ready to start dating again — especially since, prior to entering recovery, the only type of first date I knew involved “getting a drink.” But since I was no longer drinking, I had no idea what dating would look like.

Lucky for me, I met my now-husband shortly afterward (on a dating app, of all places). We had coffee and dessert for our first date, then moved in together a month and a half later. Plus, he gave up alcohol for me shortly after we met and we’re expecting our first child together this spring. Yet despite my so-called happy ending, I know that dating, falling in love, navigating relationships, and having sex in sobriety is not easy.

That’s why we at The Temper are bringing you a month-long series on all things love and relationships during the month of February. Whether you’re navigating the tricky world of dating (seriously, how DO you meet someone if you’re sober?), figuring out your relationship (like, what to do if your partner still drinks after you got sober), or trying to have great sex sans booze (perhaps it’s time to stop faking orgasms!), we’ve got you.

Throughout the month, we have guides on healing from a breakup without alcohol, attending a wedding sober, loving yourself in recovery, dating online, keeping your marriage strong, advice from porn stars, and so much more. Keep coming back all month long for these great stories and, of course, don’t forget to check out our previous content (below) on dating, relationships, and great sex!

Happy Reading!

P.S. And to make things a *little* easier, you can also save this URL and come back here all month long for a full list of our eating disorder recovery series, below.



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